Inky Calligraphy

(a.k.a. Cornerstone Calligraphy)

by Bernard Parkin


Scriptures 2021




50 And God shall wipe away all tears .*. 

         former things have passed away. (RStJ21,4)

51 With God all things are possible. (Mat 19, 26) 

52 Be still & know that I am God. (Ps 46, 10) 

53 The Lord is my refuge & my fortress, my God in whom I trust. (Ps 91,2)

54 Do not be afraid, I will be with you to protect you. (Jere 1,8)

56 The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, ..*.. Self-Control. (Gal 5,22-23)

62 Love one another, because love comes from God. (1 John 4,7)

63 I will be with you always (Mat 28,20) 

64 Behold, I make all things new (Revelation of St John 21,5)

65 God has brought me joy and laughter (Genesis 21, 6)

67 In the handywork of their craft is their prayer. (Ecclesiasticus 38,34)



A4, A5, A6 sizes:  Scripture


300 A4 (A5,6) The Beatitudes (Mat. 5,3-10)

301 A4, (A5,6) The Most Excellent Way (If I speak 1 Corinths 13

302 A4, (A5,6) Mustard Seed   (Mark 4 30-32)

303 A5, (A6) But they that wait upon the Lord...not faint (Isaiah 40,31)

304 A5, (A6) Keep me as the apple of your eye...wings (Psalm 17,8)

306 A5, (A6) Many waters cannot quench love...drown it (Song of S. 8,7)

307 A5, (A6) The Lord Himself goes before you...forsake you (Deut. 31,8)

308 A5, (A6) Ask...Seek...Knock (and it shall be opened unto you.)

309 A5, (A6) And now these three Corinth. 13)

310 A4, (A5,6) Our Father...(The Lord’s Prayer)

311 A5, (A6) A Faithful Friend is a secure shelter...elixir of life (Eccl’icus 14-16)

312 A4, (A5,6) The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want (Ps.23, KJ)

313 A5, (A6)  A Still Small Voice (1 Kings 19, 11-12)




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